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Colour Coded Cleaning System

Colour Coded Cleaning System
To ensure the risk of cross contamination does not occur through our 'Maid' cleaning services we operate a Colour Coded Cleaning System which ensures that cloths, sponges are colour coded and only used for their specific purpose.

'Colour Coding Guide' ensures that there is no cross contamination, as equipment used in one area does NOT transfer germs, bugs, or other unsavoury bacteria to a less germ infected area.

The colours and their meanings are:

- Blue/white cloth - bathroom and sanitary areas
- Blue Sponges - for sinks, counters and washroom surfaces.
- Green Sponges ledges, walls & tiles, window cleaning and high and low dusting.
- Red/White Cloth - kitchens & food preparation area, as well as bar areas
- Yellow Sponges - kitchen counters, kitchen cupboards/door, front appliances.

We use a variety of products house hold cleaning and commercial eco friendly citrus products.

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